I have a million e-mails. It’s not actually a million, but it makes my soul feel that way. I know this feeling. It happens when I’ve been staring too long at a screen, clicking reply until I lose track of time and space and what name I’m supposed to sign in the sendoff. (It’s Chris. My name is Chris.) The only way to fix it? Get away from the computer, turn on some music, and build something.

So let’s go out to the shop and build a box that will never, ever have e-mails in it. Here’s a simple woodworking project that can get you back to working with your hands, but isn’t too fussy or complicated. And the cool part — it uses just a few basic tools and single board. When it’s done, you’ll have a stylish, versatile, stacking storage solution that will come in handy in any room in your house.

Tools & Materials
Circular saw (Hint: we’re giving this away! Scroll down for info)
Cordless drill/driver (This too! Scroll down for info)
Two 18″ clamps
Tape measure
Coping saw
Wood glue
3/8″ diameter dowel rod
8′ long 1×12″ wood board, one per box (we used select grade pine)
Sandpaper (medium and fine)
1″ Forstner bit
#6 Coutersink/counterbore bit
Speed square
Hammer and nail
2″ long #7 wood screws
I’m building this project is in partnership with Orchard Supply Hardware, a neighborhood hardware and garden store focused on paint, repair and the backyard. The company was founded in 1931 as a co-op of thirty farmers in central California. Each farmer put up $30, and Orchard Supply was born. Today they have over 40,000 products in stores throughout the West Coast (best coast!) and Florida, as well as their website. Check out their online store here.

I purchased all the tools and materials for this project at my local Orchard Supply Hardware store, and I loved the experience. As someone who spends a fair amount of time in lumber and hardware aisles, I was super pleased by the layout and availability of products and supplies. My local store – in the Hollywood neighborhood of Portland – featured the kinds of materials, fixtures, and goods for those living in an urban neighborhood, looking to repair and decorate older homes. The selections were conducive to the architectural style of the neighborhood – the Northwest bungalow – as well as general DIY and creative needs. The staff was just helpful and friendly. They welcomed me warmly and pointing me in the right direction, but left just enough space to let me figure out my design and specific needs. And if I had a question, they were right there to help.

We’re excited to help Orchard kick off their #OrchardSimple campaign this month, which is all about helping you create simple, stylish projects and repairs to make your home a place you love to live.
This build uses only two power tools, one eight-foot-long pine board, and some basic hand tools. If you don’t want to cut the lumber yourself, you can get it cut to size at The Workbench, an innovate customer service center at your local Orchard Supply Hardware store (they can cut rope, wire, chain and wood, make keys, and sharpen tools too).

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